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Abandon Plans (V8 Ford)

Words and Music by Donald Benson

Copyright 2012

He had a suitcase full of abandoned plans

He was glad to be leaving a woman

He could never understand

There never was a perfect picture of happiness

Leaving was the only way he could relieve all that stress


There’s something sweet about the sound of that V8 Ford

Especially this time, then he closed the door

There wasn’t another woman or another man

Just living together they could no longer stand

He loved her, she did too, neither one of them loved him,

It was right there at the start where the end did begin


There really weren’t many tears, just wasted years

All that was needed was the courage to pack up and drop it into gear

Ending chorus:

There’s something sweet about the sound of that V8 Ford

She watched the taillights as they faded in the night

He flashed them twice just to say goodbye

We had hired someone to work on a building, joining two roofs together with a gable end.  As I stood on the ground looking up at him on the roof, I said it looks like it is going really well.  He replied, “ I’ve got my plans and if they don’t work I abandon them”. I ran to the house for a pen and paper.  The song was originally titled “Abandon Plans”, other family members thought it should be “V8 Ford”. So we kept them both.

This is a fictional story of a couple that couldn’t live together anymore.  There is something sweet about the deep gurgling sound of a V8 Ford engine.  In Robert Sayers’ luthier shop one of the builders was telling of a failed first marriage, he said

“I loved her and she did too and neither one of us loved me”.

Thanks Drew!  

This song is intended to be pure country. The steel guitar player, Nelson Wood, really gave this song a perfect touch.  This song was also intended to have violin, but due to a snow storm and being stuck in the ditch, the violin player couldn’t make it.  Jay Round filled in with a lead guitar that fit in so well with the steel and the percussion. All of these components put together makes this a perfect country song.

Don Benson: lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Jay Round: upright bass, guitar, background vocals

Nelson Wood: pedal steel, dobro

Bill Vits: drums, rhythm bones