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Christmas Heart

words and music by Donald Benson copyright 12/2013

Now that Christmas is over and we’re at the start of a New Year,

So slowly it comes, quickly it passes, the celebration of a family tradition

So long ago a child was born with the Love, Joy and Hope we hold so dear.  

So precious are the memories that pull family and friends together

And travel to places past and present no matter the weather


{This year I want to carry with me the feeling and the meaning the spirit of Christmas

Brings The sigh of contentment at the magic of the grace, wonder, joy, peace,

happiness and Love that makes my heart sing.}

I remember the anticipation of gifts wrapped and placed under the tree with care

The family time, the joy and the love we all share

I still feel the Christmas carols we love to hear and sing

The children’s mystery, wonder and excitement of gifts that Santa Claus brings.

Chorus …………….

The candy canes, Christmas tree, the decorations, the smell of pine

Magic timeless wonder of innocence, children sounds of Christmas time

Three wise men followed a star from afar

 Precious gift of a child through the ages, to where we are


I wrote this song after doing a survey of family and friends, asking them to give me

four words to describe what Christmas means to them.

The song was written after the wonderful Christmas we had at our home this year.  Our two daughters and their families spent the night.  Three little girls filled with excitement, finding reindeer tracks on the table by carrot crumbs and Santa’s foot prints by the back door and Christmas tree.  What a time of joy, magic and wonder of family time we had.  With all the fun and joy it made me want to carry that feeling with me throughout the whole year.

The Chorus was a real mouthful, but I couldn’t leave any of the words out because they are all so important to the feeling of the song, although, it was difficult to make them all fit.  After many tries they began roll out smoothly.  An extra special thanks to Jay Round for the harmony that makes the chorus so profound and I loved the bells at the end.

Don Benson: lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Jay Round: upright bass, guitar, background vocals

Nelson Wood: pedal steel, dobro

Bill Vits: drums, rhythm bones