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Special thanks to my dear family for all the help in making this CD happen.

To Cheryl: For helping me write the stories and entering them into the computer, and for getting the music and the art work to the replicators, also for her support of my wild ideas!

To Brad: For working on the website, for being a sounding board of ideas and whims.

To Hollie: For her support and help in writing, coming up with words and editing the finished products.

To Faune: For her support in building instruments, putting on such an awesome show, The West Michigan Luthier Concert, through the Arts Place and all of the work she did in compiling photos and creating my CD cover.

To my Grandchildren:  Cyanne, Iris and Cora who sing along on the CD, also to Xander and Koa who love to listen and sing along too.  They all create so much fun and love in our lives.

To Jay Round and his Circle Sonics Studio:  For being so fun to work with, his backup vocals, bass and lead guitar, mixing and putting it all together. Without him this would not be possible.

To Nelson Wood: For the talented Dobro and Pedal Steel additions.

To Bill Vits: For the perfect addition of Drums and Rhythm Bones.