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A Little About Me

Even though I came from a non-musical family, I was moved by the music I heard on the 45 rpm records my brothers bought and played.  I thought to play music, a person needed to be gifted.  I never had the opportunity to try and play an instrument until I my junior in high school.  A friend of mine showed me some chords on his guitar.  I didn’t think he was any smarter or more talented then me, so I thought maybe I can do this.   I still recall the awesome feeling of playing a chord correctly.  After many years of playing cover songs, a friend, who wrote and sang his songs, would hand me lyrics and say, come up with the music for this.  He also encouraged me to write my own songs.

In 2002 a luthier friend offered to let me build a guitar in his shop.  Under his guidance I made my first guitar, which I still treasure today. I have been inspired to build ukuleles, lyres, guitars, and a bouzouki.

I have worked metal and wood for many years, and have been a general maker of things. My wife and I built our house and also formed a company around a game we invented called Eclipse Ball, check it out!  I hold two patents, one for a metal working tool and one on a flying ball we call the Satryan Ball.

It is my pleasure to share the creations I have been gifted with in hopes that they bring a few smiles.

Thank you

Don Benson