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Honey Bee

Words by Cheryl Benson

Music by Donald Benson copyright 2012

Honey Bee, Honey bee

Won’t you be my Honey Bee

Buzz around buzz around

Buzz around all over town

I could fly to the sky,

If you’ll be my Honey Bee

Love’s so sweet, kisses sweet,

Everything’s sweet with Honey Bee

Chorus :            

Buzzy, buzzy, love sweet nothings

Mean so much to me little moments

Sweet hugs and kisses

From my Honey Bee


We can start a little hive

You and me, my Honey Bee

Peaches and cream and honeycomb

Is what we will live on in our happy home


We would fly to the flower chapel

If you say you’ll marry me.

Wedded bliss, sealed with a kiss

Life’s so sweet with Honey Bee


Soon baby bees will buzz around

Filling up our little hive

Life’s complete when we share

The love of our blessed lives

About this song…..

Honey was written by my wife Cheryl, it is an analogy of the song of life, using the term of endearment “Honey Bee”.

Cheryl wrote this poem several years ago when she and our daughters, Hollie and Faune were painting silk scarves and called themselves “The Queen Bees”.

After hearing her singing it around the house, the music came to me and it was perfectly suited for the ukulele.  It was so light hearted and fun that our grand- daughters love to sing along , especially on the chorus.

It was an exciting day when we took them into Jay Rounds , Circle Sonics Studio. The head phones and microphones and the way they moved with the music was such fun to see! They were buzzing all night!

Special thanks to Jay for doing such a great job mixing our granddaughters, we all them “The Cousins” , voices in so well.

Also thanks to Bill Vits and Nelson Wood for their parts in making this such a fun song to listen to!

Don Benson: lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Jay Round: upright bass, guitar, background vocals

Nelson Wood: pedal steel, dobro

Bill Vits: drums, rhythm bones