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My Karma Ran Over My Dogma

Words and Music by Donald Benson Copyright 2002

I know my past contains my future, born from God’s breath wind

Freedom of choice is the rule from beginning until the end

My mind is cast in concrete from the things that I’ve learned

How I’ve been told things ought to be, the past comes up right in my face,

OK I can’t see


My karma ran over my dogma, somehow I can’t believe

My karma ran over my dogma, my true self I can’t deceive

My world is topsy turvy, turned upside down, also in a spinning motion

going round and round

I’m dizzy trying to keep my feet, but my face it hits the ground

Alone in crowded seas of people, wavering in the waves

My hand goes up in signal, as I choke on the call for help

My dogma’s in the road ahead, I can’t swerve or stop


My karma ran over my dogma, Ideology get out of my way

My karma ran over my dogma, you may have to eat the words you say

Doctrines and manifestos, political pepto bismos and that thing they talk about,

That brand new gismo

That leaves me rattle headed about the being wrong I’ve dreaded,

Which is why my dogma’s in the road in karma’s lights he’s frozen


My karma ran over my dogma, I swear it just got in way

My karma ran over my dogma, you know we all have to pay

My karma ran over my dogma, doesn’t matter what you say

My karma ran over my dogma, don’t let yours get in the way

About this song…..

We were selling our art work a the Ann Arbor Art Show and a person went by in a motorized wheel chair with a bumper sticker that read,” My Karma Ran Over My Dogma”.   I wrote it down immediately and began to write this song.  Just that simple phrase really made me reflect on how our past does contain our future and how we are all born on God’s breath wind.  We all have opinions and mind sets that are cemented by things that we have been told and taken to be true.  It is so hard to let go of ideas and beliefs that we have guarded as the truth.  We may be able to deceive others but our true selves we can never deceive.   

While in Ann Arbor we spend four 12 hour days and after awhile you look out into the crowds and all you can see are seas of people wavering like a wave. It’s funny how sometimes you can feel so alone when there are so many people around.

This song is intended to take a lighthearted look at some of the more serious aspects of the opinions and mindsets that may influence how people think and live their lives.  After all one’s karma can run over one’s dogma.

We had intended to fill in with a violin solo on this song, but our Michigan weather and a snowstorm put her in the ditch and she was unable to make it to the studio.  With a deadline so close, Jay Round did an amazing job filling in with a lead guitar solo!

Don Benson: lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Jay Round: upright bass, guitar, background vocals

Nelson Wood: pedal steel, dobro

Bill Vits: drums, rhythm bones