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Words and Music  copyright 2005

Donald Benson

I am a genuine Pussyfoot, every step of the way,

My heart is tender and my mind is keen and Love guides my play

I’ve heard it said that I’m a Mama’s boy, yes I love my mom,

You don’t know what you’ve been missing if you’ve never been one.


Don’t talk to me about reality, I think I’ve had my fill,

And don’t tell me what you believe,

I know what you’ve got up your sleeve.

Some say I’m a genuine sissy whimp Cause I ain’t afraid to cry

That don’t matter cause I am me and that’s the reason why.


Forgive me I get to concentrating too much and I forget to smile

I know that I’m lucky and I’m gonna be rich in just a little while


You may call me a pansy or a chicken if l don’t play your daring game

I don’t think that I want or need to belong so I’ll just stay the same


About the song….

We were at the Ann Arbor Art show, selling our artwork.  Every year there is a high end clothing store selling expensive shoes at a ¼ to ½ of the regular price- bargains it is hard to refuse when you are making a little money!  I tried some on and when I returned to our booth Cheryl asked if I had found any.  Being the tender hearted and tender footed  person I am, I said “You know what a pussyfoot I am.”  

Most of us throughout our lives are called names such as the ones in the song.  There are times when reality gets too heavy and we have had our fill.  We all have been accosted by those who tell us what they believe and as soon as they start, you know what they have up their sleeve.

The line I get to concentrating too much and I forget to smile comes from somebody walking by our booth while talking to a friend.  I quickly wrote it down!

We all know that we are lucky and we are going to be rich in just a little while, why else do so many of us buy lottery tickets?

There are verses that remind us of our son Ryan.  He wasn’t afraid to show love for his mother, father, sisters, brother and everybody he cared for.  He wasn’t afraid to cut his own path, didn’t really want or need to belong, he was himself.

I really like the mix with the dobro, bass, and drums.

Don Benson: lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Jay Round: upright bass, guitar, background vocals

Nelson Wood: pedal steel, dobro

Bill Vits: drums, rhythm bones