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Work day and dinner is through

Tell you what I’d like to do

I’ll draw a hot bath for me and you

Washcloths, towels and bubbles

We can soak away all our troubles

How about a hot bath you and me


Hot and deep , two cups of Epsom salts

Those aches and pains that’s what that’s about

Lets take a hot bath you and me

I see we need to relax that’s why

Oh honey don’t be shy

Dar’lin how about a hot bath you and me

We could ease on down into the tub

And a little bit of rub a-dub-dub

Sweetheart how about a hot bath me and you


You could wash up at the sink

And a shower can take off the stink

But you can’t beat an Epsom salt bath for two

We could relax and soak

And create our own change and hope

Baby how about a hot bath for two

We can wash squeaky clean

Talk about our hopes and dreams

That’s in our hot bath for two


We can soak away our complaints

And don’t worry about what things ain’t

O-o-oh how about a hot bath you and me

Soft music and candlelight

Oh dar’lin it feels so right

O-o-oh lets take a hot bath you and me


We can wash our hair with shampoo goo

Maybe a little bit of  coochie  coo

That’s when we share our hot bath for two

I’ll wash your back and you can wash mine

And we’ll have us a real good time

Dar’lin how about a hot bath me and you


I could play with your rubber ducky

You could wind my motorboat

O-o-oh how about a hot bath you and me

Ah come on dar’lin lets take a hot bath you and me, I’ll clean the tub up!  Yodle lay e-o


It was the 70’s, way back then we were building a house on the back half of our 10 acre parcel from barns and buildings we tore down.   (The house pictured inside the CD Cover).  Ours was the only house on a two- track road and at certain times of the year it was often impassable.  One spring we spotted a muskrat swimming down the middle of the road!  We lived so far back that we did not have electricity for 8 years.  With a hand pump at the kitchen sink, a huge water kettle, and a wood cook stove to heat the water, taking a bath was a chore.  We performed this chore at least once a week.  On a Saturday night we would pump and carry buckets to our large cast iron bathtub and fill it up with steamy water.  We purchased our 1900’s vintage tub at the local feed mill for a scrap price of ten dollars.  It was extra long and fit two perfectly!  (That tub is still in the family.)  Sharing a bath was a necessity, when considering the work and time involved.  After all of that we appreciated the time for relaxing and soaking in hot water!

This song was born as a tease of those days.  Since then we have added Epsom salts and some cider vinegar to really soak away the complaints.  

The rubber ducky was a gift from a friend for our son when he was born and we have numerous windup toys such as the boat.  

Here’s the recipe

2 Cups Epsom Salts

2 Cups cider vinegar

1 tub full of hot water

wash cloths, towels and bubbles

soap of your choice

1 rubber ducky

1 motorboat

A cools shower rinse is recommended after you are squeaky clean

Don Benson: lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Jay Round: upright bass, guitar, background vocals

Nelson Wood: pedal steel, dobro

Bill Vits: drums, rhythm bones